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MAPPER has developed a new electron beam technology that is capable of printing structures at very advanced technology nodes whilst achieving significant throughput numbers. This provides a cost effective alternative to the current – increasingly expensive - optical lithography products.

The equipment is developed in the highly respected industrial base for precision technology of The Netherlands and Western Europe and combines most advanced equipment engineering capabilities into the integration of precision mechanics, electronics, optics and embedded software into a high performance lithography system. The industrial application areas of MAPPER’s technology have been developed in close cooperation with TSMC and CEA-LETI.

The production capable throughput is achieved by the integration of massively – parallel electron beams – which has always been the “Achilles Heel” for the adoption of electron beam technology beyond the use in R&D environments. Solving the "Throughput-Limitation" opens the door to IC design and manufacturing operations to extend their product road maps at much better financial conditions than immersion lithography or its potential successors.

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